Valentine Manicure

And thus sayeth the Lord, that no holiday is complete without matching kitschy manicure/nail art:

Fingers: Sephora by Opi in “Read My Palm” with paper hearts and Essie “as gold as it gets” with a topper of SV

Thumb: 10 Professional in “Birthday Suit” with the Opi on top and little bit of Essie on the tip, SV to seal the deal

Method: To get the zigzag on the thumb I used a pair of pinking shears to cut painter’s tape into zigzag strips. Don’t ask me how many times it took me to line up the tape without getting a row of diamonds… For the hearts I purchased a .99 paper stamp and found some awesome leftover scrapbook paper and stamped my little confetti heart(s) out. In hindsight using thinner paper would have worked a little better, and I am also thinking of doing a series with tissue paper… Just stick the paper cut-outs on the wet polish and be sure to cover with plenty ‘o top coat



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