Easter Inspired Dot Mani

This Monday’s nail art inspiration comes straight from the saccharine halls of your local drug store, otherwise known as the Easter candy isle. With bright pastels and cheery colors who couldn’t resist stuffing your face with Peeps, jelly beans, and adorable chocolate bunnies? Amirite?

For this design grab your favorite bright colors and a good contrasting base to load them up on. Going with the Easter egg theme I chose Sinful Colors white as the base, Kiss silver nail art thin brush, and then an assortment of bright colors: yellow, coral, mint, green.

(1) Apply your base coat and then the white back ground, and (2) then I added the silver stripe to give some sparkle and design guidance. I went ahead and added a thin coat of a quick dry top coat so seal in the white so that the designs didn’t mix with the white. I then grabbed a dotting tool and added (3-6) row by row of colors. You can easily purchase a dotting tool from a craft store or a beauty supply store. However you can also make one of your own by using the end of a pencil/pen or by inserting a sewing pin into an eraser base- just see this DIY from the Beauty Department.  Don’t forget to add a top coat to protect those gorgeous polka dots!


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