DIY Summer Glitter Shoes

…….and now for the DIY! I just love how these turned out! Below you can see how these little spats began their journey home as a pair of boring $7 canvas shoes, and that is the heart of upcycling: learning to see the potential in objects that are easily overlooked. I think the key is to have inspiration in your mind, and then you are looking at the world in terms of glitter and paint- instead of last season’s Payless leftovers.

The supplies for this project are great staples to keep in your craft drawer: painter’s tape, acrylic paint, paint brushes. I highly suggest getting painter’s tape in various widths- you can always buy the basic kind and size it yourself, but unless you are procrastinating on a grad paper, who has time for that? There are also a million kind of acrylic paints that you can get at your local craft store and for this kind of project any kind will work- artists or the little craft kind. You can either mix loose glitter into a solid color or buy one that already has glitter in it. Luckily, the craft queen Martha Stewart has an amazing line of such glittery satiny paints and all the accoutrements one could desire in the craft world. She also just happens to have the perfect colors for my inspiration- yay easy one-source multi-use products!


Step 1: Use big pieces of painters tape to section of the part of the shoe you want to paint. Mine had these little flaps for the laces that I also had to tape back so I had full access to the top of the shoe. Paint your base coat, and for this I used a simple white acrylic.

Step 2: When then paint is dry use the smaller widths of painter’s tape to tape off stripes. You can make the sections even or play with some various widths, just keep in mind the total area that you are working on and don’t make a pattern that will overwhelm the shoe or get lost in the small space.

Step 3: Make sure the edges of the tape have good contact and apply several coats of the glitter paint until you achieve a nice concentration of glitter. Just remember the contrast will be stronger when the paint is sitting next to the white paint instead of the blue tape.

Step 4: Before the paint dries, peel the painters tape off; be careful not to smudge the wet paint. As you can see on my shoes there is some paint bleed-through, and you can avoid that by really making sure the painter’s tape has a good seal.

Step 5: While the shoes are drying I cut some ribbons of a coordinating color the length of the removed laces and I sniped the ends. To prevent fraying I applied a product called Fray Check but you could use some of the glitter paint or a clear drying glue.

Step 6: Finito! I let my shoes dry completely and then laced them up. If you wanted to add a layer of protection on the paint you could apply a clear or matte gloss product (like Modge Podge), or just let those puppies roam free!



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