Shoe Inspiration

Shoe Inspiration
This little bit of inspiration is to get the creative juices prepared for the fashion DIY today: Nautical Glitter Shoes. A couple of trends have been exploding all over the fashion blogosphere: glitter shoes and nautical themes. Ever since Kate Spade came out with her glitter pumps I have seen about a million DIY of Modge Podge and glitter coated everything- and I love it! Embrace the glitter! Nautical fashion themes have been rotating through the couture Lazy-Suzann literally for centuries. The good thing with the nautical theme is that there are about a million ways one can go- Parisian stripes, rope accents and hardware, anchors, sails, and the list goes on. For this season I am in love with “sea foam” colors- anything in the marine, blue, green, and turquoise spectrum. The spring runways have been filled with saturated pastels and under-the-sea treasures- just look to the Louis Vuitton and Chanel collections for this spring. So be inspired and get ready for some DIY!

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