Beer Fridays

So Fridays here at P-Cubed are for beer- that divinely-inspired sweet nectar of grains, hops, yeast, and love.

Here is where I must admit that I am a beer geek. That geeky kind of geek that isn’t “Big Bang Theory” chic, but just plain ‘ole lame. As in- go sit in a bar by myself with my geeky beer books and notebooks asking too many questions to the waitress who is just trying to make a ton of tips from the drunk brosephs at the other end of the bar. heh….

What can I say? There is everything to love about beer! It is the most complex beverage with such a huge variety of flavors, colors, aromas, and styles it would take a lifetime to try them all. There is a beer for every palate, for every person, and for every plate. Don’t say you don’t like beer- because I guarantee that you have just not found the right one yet. To me, beer drinking (and tasting) is like a wild adventure that can take you across continents, through time, beyond cultural barriers, and even into the very heart of humanity. Some argue that every major development of human history can be linked to developments of brewing, from the domestication of grains to the creation of refrigeration.

I am absolutely fascinated by everything beer and on these Friday features you will get a dose of history, tasting reviews, food pairings, my own homebrew experiments and hopefully some interviews with local brewmasters of Southern Louisiana. American microbreweries are exploding in popularity all over the country and it is so exciting to be able to travel around and taste the local brew offerings.


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