Matte Experiments

This week in the life of nail arts I had a blast playing with my new matte top coat from Sephora by OPI. I also had a blast playing with a group of new colors and effects from Sinful Colors that I picked up at a sale from Walgreens for $1 each. The major lesson here is that cheap colors and glitters work fantastic with more expensive top coats. Go for quality on the product you use the most, and go for fun and cheap on colors you may only use a few times. Cheap polish is also a good place to try out a new fad color without dropping $20 on department store brands. With cheaper polishes the one thing you have to look out for is that not all of them will be opaque, but the best fix for that is to layer them over a coat of white or black- then top with Seche Vite or the matte, and big-bada-boom you got yourself some fancy nails!

Sinful Colors:

  • Thumb: Cinderella
  • Index: Happy Ending
  • Middle: Hottie
  • Ring: This Is It
  • Pinkie: All About You
  • Snow Me White and Black on Black

The index finger here has two coats of Happy Ending and then a I used This is It to create a glitter gradient effect: Wipe off most of the glitter and paint nail 2/3 with glitter and then load up brush with glitter to paint the first 1/3 and then go over the edge once more. The middle finger has a coat of Black on Black and then one of Hottie. They both have the Matte Top Coat which really makes the glitter pop!

In this photo I am showing how layering translucent and glitter polishes can make different effects. The ring and pinkie finger both have This Is It, however the ring finger has a base of black while the pinkie has a base of white. The white really makes the translucent polish pop and makes it closer tot he bottle color. The black can really highlight glitters and shine in translucent polish. The thumb has a base of white with Cinderella on top and then a swipe of Hottie that really brings out the blue. Adding the gold color and the Matte on just the edge looked interesting but did not last at all.

Matte polish is less forgiving then a clear top coat and will show every stroke and glitter edge as well as take longer to dry. Apply a clear top coat to even things out and to dry the polish before adding the matte top coat. Make sure your polish is really dry before putting on the Matte.

Have fun matte-ing!



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