Loose Glitter Demonstration

This tutorial will explain how to use loose glitter to add some pop and zing to your manicure/nail art. Most of these effects will not last long and are more for a one-time decoration rather than a sturdy, week long manicure. So enjoy using fun glitters for a party or an event!


Using loose glitter requires basic nail art supplies. I will highlight that a thin clear coat is used as glue for the glitter so avoid using a thicker kind like Seche Vite for this purpose. Also, The q-tips are very handy at getting excess glitter off and the paper plate is perfect to corral the glitter. Except, of course, that once you open a container of glitter you will find it all over your house for the next 20 years. For the glitter: I got mine in a great four-pack of little containers with a variety of types of glitter from Michaels in the scrapbooking section. Any glitter from anywheres will work great- even small-ish confetti.

Before Glitter: Paint a colored base coat, add clear top coat, clean up excess, and let dry.

Large Loose Glitter

This is by far the easiest. Use large bits of glitter or confetti. You can either do this when the top coat is still drying or add another coat of it if nails are already dry. Just press loose glitter into wet top coat and make sure the shape has adhered on all the sides- you should see just a bit of polish pool up on the side. You can leave without a top coat or seal with top coat.

Flocking Powder

Flocking powder is fur in a bottle. After nail is dry add a stripe of clear polish and lightly tap flocking power over wet polish. Use an extra finger to dab into the powder and then press lightly onto nail. Tap of excess powder and use q-tip to wipe off nail.

Tinsel Glitter

I like the look of the tinsel going off the edge of my nail so I added my stripe of clear polish-glue just to the tip. I placed some painter’s tape to base of my nail and pressed to seal. Only use tape if you are certain your nails are dry, or it will mess up your base coat! Paint exposed nail with clear. Tap bottle of glitter over wet nail and gently press glitter into wet polish. Remove tape.

Fine Loose Glitter

Again I used the painter’s tape to section off the portion of the nail I wanted to glitter. Paint with clear, tap glitter over, lightly press. With the fine glitter you may want to add a top coat to help the glitter from falling off and getting on everything. be careful not to get loose glitter stuck on the polish brush or inside the clear bottle


You could always make your own glitter polish by adding loose glitter to a bottle of clear polish. All would work great except the flocking powder.

Happy Glitter Times!


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