Bike Re-Paint

In the spirit of all things awesome and bike-tastic I’ve decided to show off some pictures of a new paint job I put on my old cruiser last summer. At that point it was the only bike I owned. It was a kind-of-rusty old one speed bike, and after moving it from the snows of Boston to the sun of Louisiana it really needed an update.

This is a great project for an old bike and someone new to biking. It requires you take the whole bike apart and then put it back together again. Seek help from a local bike shop if you need it during any of the dissemble/assemble parts.

I used Krylon spray paint in colors and clear, sandpaper (to sand off the rust), masking tape, and time. Make sure you let everything dry between coats!

Poor little bike stuck in the snow!

What it looked like:

The new colors!


Hipster-gramed (because bikes need more hipster):


Speaking of bikes, I really love this new Michael Miller bike print in grey. Bikes!!



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