DIY Man-Shion: Leather Wallet

….look at that beautiful mug shot

In this world of DIY Divas, I think the men are missing out on some DIY Fashion Love. Not all DIY Fashion has to be covered in glitter and pastels, not that real men can’t wear glitter and pastels…. but you get the point- there is certainly a place for rustic-a in this little corner of the internet. Leather is a great material and since I have never really worked with it I really wanted to use it in a project in order to learn me some leather skills. If you have worked with leather before you can probably skip most of the words and just get some inspiration from the pictures. Speaking of inspiration, I drafted the patter for this project straight from the much-more-creative-and-talented Whipping Post: This is my pattern that I drafted onto graph paper:

I used this pattern as a guide and I first made a mock-up of the wallet using fabric scraps. That allowed me to understand the method and sequence of putting the pieces together. The basic idea is that there are two stiff pieces of leather sewn together to create a money pocket, and they have have soft leather pockets sewn to the outside.


  • Stiff leather- I bought a sheet of this stuff at the big-box craft store
  • Soft leather (mine was actually a pleather-esque substance, but it worked!)
  • Marking pen
  • Pattern draft: this is the mock-up of the pattern done in scrap fabric
  • Wooden block- to hammer on top of so you don’t ruin your counters
  • Nail or awl- this is what will punch the holes in your leather
  • Hammer
  • Leather thread (a thicker, usually wax coated thread)
  • Darning or tapestry needle large enough to hold thread


One: cut out your pattern pieces from the graph paper. Use them to trace onto the wrong side of your stiff leather with the marking pen. Also mark the place to punch the holes along the outside seam. The outside seams need to match up on both pieces so either mark them the same or punch them out at the same time.

Two: Punch the holes. Place leather over wooden block and hammer nail through leather all the way. Make sure the hole is big enough for the needle to pull through without killing your fingers. Punch the inside pocket seam holes with the leather that will go on top of them. In my case the pleather-esque stuff I had could be punched with just the needle tip so I didn’t need to punch them both. I did punch the outside seam holes with both pieces of leather stacked on top of each other so that the sewing lines matched.

Three: Cut pocket pieces from soft leather measuring several times for fit.

Four: Sew the base pocket on first by using a back-stitch type of stitch along the bottom seam. The side seam will be sewn together with the second pocket so hold off on that until the second pocket is ready.

Five: Drink beer and let your little leather sewing fingers have a rest. Also, forget to count whilst photoshoping.

Six: Sew on that dapper little guitar pick pocket before you sew the top pocket on. I just used a standard sewing machine- yay synthetics!

Seven: Finish sewing on the top pocket and be sure that when you are stitching up the sides that you go through both pocket layers. Once the pockets are stitched onto both sides then sew the stiff leather pieces together using the matching side holes. Knot thread and add a touch of glue to the knot to keep it secure.

Show off your work!