Home Brew- a Lesson in Carbonation

Yay Beer Friday!

This will be another example of how much I do not know about home brewing. But it is cute because I’m trying. Right? I also really like the labels I made- printed design from Labeley onto sticker paper and stuck them to the bottle. Need to revamp this because the colors will run with condensation, but I like the design!

This is the adventure of opening your first bottle of homebrew. My imagination had led me to believe that my Christmas gift kit of Everyday IPA would be harmonious and wonderous. Cracking into the bottle no sooner than 14 days post bottling, I was heartbroken to find that I had created hoppy, brown water. Flat as could be. After reading my trusty brew book I figured it was due to some kind of carbonation. A month goes by and I decide to use the beer in a beer batter- it tasted good, it just had absolutely no carbonation. Then low and behold! FOAM! It had finished carbonating and I had a set of lovely foamy beers. Although, some were quite a bit foamier than others- extra foam is better than none at all.

Lesson: have patience with beer.

Also, sanitize.