Clutter Monster #4: Cork Board Organizer

Back to the organizing!

Here is a simple Cork Board/Earring Organizer for those, like me, have too much stuff for all those cutesy earring organizers one sees on craft sites. I mean, come on, I know you like twine and lace and all, but I own way more than six pairs of earrings. I’ve made more earrings than that. Don’t get me wrong, these are cute, and if I had a place to use them for decoration I would- but in terms of raw practical storage, I needs more room! I also realized that I keep a lot of bits of paper for things- notes, coupons, schedules, lists. So I also needed to be able to keep track of those without them taking over my table. I had some left-over cork sheets from a dorm decorating kit from years back- bingo! Crafting is equal parts figuring out what you need and creatively using what you have.

The basic idea here is to use a sturdy mesh inside a frame to give you many spots to hang earrings.

The mesh I like best- for practical use and price, is the plastic cross-stitch sheets that you can get at the craft store (plastic canvas). Sturdy and full of holes. You could also use leftover screen from a screen door, a loose weave fabric (like burlap or cheese cloth), and even peg-board would be good.

For frames, a regular picture frame works great. I have one made with the plastic mesh and plain frame that works fantastic. Recycle old frames, or pick one up from a thrift store. For this particular project I wanted to use my left-over cork sheets, and if you want to make one out of cork you can get the same kind of sheets at the craft store or in the dorm section of Target. I needed to back the frame in order to give it depth so that the backs of the earrings had somewhere to go- for this I used thick foam sheets, also cheap and also at the craft store.


  1. Cut-out square from inside cork sheet with a sharp box cutter or exacto knife.
  2. Cut plastic canvas to fit over square with overlap on the margins.
  3. Use hot glue gun to adhere plastic canvas to cork.
  4. Cut foam into strips smaller than the width of the cork frame.
  5. Use hot glue to adhere foam strips to create a back-frame.
  6. Decorate cork: I used acrylic paint and a stencil.

Look at all the room for activities!